One (1) 1999 300 HP Cleaver Brooks, 4 pass dry back, 150 PSI design pressure, natural gas and No. 2 oil fired. The boiler has been cleaned on the fireside, waterside, outside, and painted. New blowdown valves and piping have been installed. The boiler pressure vessel, tubes, piping, and blowdown valves have been hydrostatically tested. The Honeywell Flame Safeguard Controls have been checked and proven good. New Honeywell High Limit with manual reset, Operating Limit, and Modulating Limit Controls will be installed. New gas pressure switches have been installed. New McDonnel Miller primary LWCO and secondary LWCO heads have been installed. A new Honeywell Mod. motor has been installed. The boiler has been electrically and mechanically checked to identify and replace any defective components. The boiler as quoted is wired for 460/3/60 supply voltage and "on/off" pump controls for water level control. We guarantee that the pressure vessel and tubes are in good condition and that the boiler will pass a hydrostatic test at the time of startup. We will give a 1 year parts replacement warranty on controls.

This product is a Ready to Ship Used Boiler
Unit of Measure



N/A 1


N/A 1999


N/A 300 hp


N/A Cleaver Brooks


N/A 4 pass dry-back


N/A 150 psi

Steam or Hot Water

N/A Steam


N/A Cleaver Brooks


N/A gas