Reconditioning the used Hurst Boiler(s) includes but not limited to the following: boilers re-tubed as required, cleaned on the fireside, waterside, outside, and painting, new fireside and waterside gaskets are installed, hydrostatic tests are done on the vessel, tubes, boiler trim piping, and blowdown piping and valves, new Honeywell or Fireye controls are installed, new electrical and control panels are installed as needed, new steam pressure controls are installed, the boilers are re-wired as needed, new safety relief valves are installed or shipped loose for field installation, electrical and mechanical checks are performed to identify defective components, defective components found are replaced. We guarantee that the pressure vessel and tubes is in good condition and that the boiler will pass a hydrostatic test at the time of startup. A 1 year parts replacement warranty on controls is included.

Used, reconditioned Hurst Boilers, Hurst 3 & 4 pass dry back boilers, Hurst 3 & 4 pass wet back boilers, high pressure boilers, low pressure boilers, hot water boilers, Hurst boiler feed water systems, atmospheric tanks, pressurized deaerators, blow down tanks, blow down separators, flash steam economizers, stack economizers, boiler flame safeguard controls, boiler combustion controls, boiler water level controls.
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N/A 2007 N/A 50 hp N/A Hurst N/A 200 psi N/A Steam N/A PowerFlame Low NOx N/A gas
N/A 2013 N/A 200 hp N/A Hurst Boiler Room N/A 150 psi N/A Steam N/A PowerFlame N/A gas/2 oil
N/A 1995 N/A 300 hp N/A Hurst N/A 150 psi N/A Steam N/A Webster N/A gas
N/A 2004 N/A 400 hp N/A Hurst N/A 150 psi N/A Steam N/A Webster N/A gas
N/A 2007 N/A 600 hp N/A Hurst N/A 150 psi N/A Steam N/A John Zink N/A gas
N/A 2002 N/A 800 hp N/A Hurst N/A 150 psi N/A Steam N/A PowerFlame 30 PPM N/A gas/2 oil